Fico - the heartbreaker!

We have imported a very promising Norfolk male puppy from Norway. The puppy - Esperanza's Flash Forever Fantastic by his impressive official name! - was born 10.12. 2007. His friends can call him just Fico. :-) 

His sire is Jiffy Flashpoint, and mother Esperanza's Bella Benedictin. 

Fico's breeder is Ms. Mona Hofoss from Norway. 

Fico conquered all our hearts right away the moment we saw him. He is very friendly, happy and he truly loves people - and obviously, he is still full of puppy-like joy. He seems pretty strong and compact, which makes him a very promising show dog. 

Here are some photos (by Anne Ervelius) - we will keep updating these!  


His eyes have that certain Norfolk look as you can see!

Fico posing at the age of 12 weeks.


And you may notice especially his cute little lion paws in this picture!

And here he is at the age of 6 months:

And who could resist this look?!