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The Norwich and Norfolk Terriers  1987 -

In 1987, we got our first Norwich Terrier,  'Berit'- and that was love at first sight and for a life time!

Of our 19 Norwich litters, six dogs are Finnish Champions and one is Estonian Champion.  

On the page dedicated to the Norwich Terrier, you will find more information on this fantastic breed.

In 1995, we got our first Norfolk Terrier - the fabulous male Int Ch Fin Ch Gib Ch Est Ch W-94, Est W-94 Daffran Dark Night. A couple of years later, we imported from England the gorgeous bitch Int Ch Fin Ch Est Ch EujW-94 Gregarth's Glint of Gold. We started our breeding of Norfolk Terriers with these two dogs. Of our 12 Norfolk litters, 5 dogs are Finnish Champions and one is Finnish and Estonian Champion. See the page dedicated to the Norfolk Terrier for more detailed information.