Puppy news

The puppies of Myrskytuuli Neeton Nougat (Nuppu) and Fin Ch Björkbo Merlin (Kasper) have now moved to their new homes. At the end of the page, you will find the last few photos and a video clip of them at the age of 8 weeks. These photos were taken by Anne Ervelius. The very latest update can be found at the end of the page: these photos were taken when Aksu came for his 6-month grooming.

In the first photo the puppies are two weeks old.  As you can see, at this age puppies look for warmth and safety from each other - they really like being close together. 


In the following photos the little ones are four weeks old. Now there's a little bit more movement and they are becoming livelier by the day. They want to explore the world - but are still a bit careful. The male puppy "Aksu" is already a very sociable little dog - he always starts to go towards a human voice! His movements are still a bit clumsy but he always finds his way - eventually! The little girl "Hilla" likes to take her time to make some observations before jumping into action... She obviously wants to make sure it's worth the trouble before leaving the comfort of her soft, warm bed! 

Here we are waking up - some stretching is always required!

I was immediately taken into somebody's arms - but this is quite a safe place to be! 

We are so adorable that I don't think anyone can resist this look! 

Or this!!

And before you know it, the puppies have reached the age of six weeks. 

They no longer spend much time in their cosy little bed, the big world outside is becoming more and more interesting! 

Here is Aksu practising his pose - pretty professional, don't you think?!:

And here he is giving a closer look at the camera:

Hilla's pose is just as professional as her brothers:

And to finish with, here is her surprised look at the camera:

And the last photos before leaving their first home...
they are "big dogs" now, at the age of impressive 8 weeks!

Here is Aksu in his professional pose:

And this is how gorgeous he is naturally 
(great photo!):

Then it's turn for Hilla to practise  - they really are such beautiful puppies:

And to finish with, the cute little puppy faces once more:

We are looking forward to seeing what these two will like be when they grow up!

Here's the latest update: Aksu at the age of 6 months: