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The Norfolk Terrier


The Norfolk and Norwich Terriers are the smallest of all terriers - ideally, they measure approximately 25 cm (10 inches or less) at the withers. Despite their small size, the Norfolk Terriers are everything but 'sissies'- they are full of life and always ready for fun. They love people and are amicable with other dogs. The Norfolk Terriers are intelligent dogs, and also known for their long life expectancy.

Character and versatility

The Norfolk Terriers are real 'family dogs': they love people and absolutely adore children. With these dogs, you can do almost anything. They are spirited little dogs who enjoy good exercise - they are tough in every sense of the word. They also learn various commands quite easily which means that you can take them to obedience training or even to agility tracks. Since the Norfolk Terriers are both self-confident and intelligent dogs, they need a firm and determined basic obedience training at home.


History of the breed 

This rugged terrier originates from England.  The Norfolk and Norwich Terriers were considered one breed until 1964. They were developed for the purpose of catching rats and mice, and were probably used also for rabbit hunting. Today, the Norfolk Terriers are lively and companionable family dogs - however, if they get a chance, they just love to chase squirrels and mice!


The first Norfolk Terriers were imported to Finland in 1972. Before this, Norfolk puppies were born of Norwich Terriers.

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