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The Norwich Terrier


If there is a breed that is ideal for almost anyone, it is surely the Norwich Terrier. These small terriers, ideally 25 cm (less than 10 inches) at the withers, bring their owners delightful moments and adapt themselves to almost any environment or circumstances.   The Norwich Terriers are also known for their long life expectancy; one bitch of the first Finnish litter lived for amazing18 years! 

Character and versatility

The Norwich Terriers are happy, friendly and rugged dogs. They are spirited and full of zest for living; despite their small size, they are also good watchdogs. When they hear or see something suspicious, they let you know by barking - and keep warning you until you check the situation. If necessary, they can protect their family and property - they have a big voice and a brave heart. 

The Norwich Terriers adore children and like the company of other dogs. They are always ready for walks, play or practically anything which includes joining in with the family. The Norwich Terriers love outdoor exercise and all kinds of activities, and they are quite strong companions even for longer distances. They are also very intelligent and clever dogs so you can do practically anything with them - from formal obedience to agility tracks.


History of the breed 

This spirited breed originates from England. The Norwich and Norfolk Terriers were one breed until 1964. Originally, the Norwich Terriers used to be highly appreciated dogs used for killing rats and hunting foxes. Today, they are lively and sociable family dogs. They are ideal for both the city and the countryside. 

The first Norwich Terriers were imported to Finland in 1965, and the first litter was born the same year. 


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